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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Fight of our Lives by William j.Bennett &Seth Leibsohn

This is a very good book. It tells exactly how things are in America today.It tells how Obama's administration lack of acknowledging Islamic Terrorists is endangering our whole way of life. The political correctness is killing us. The lack of a backbone of this administration is destroying our country and the very values that it was built upon. Only when you can name and face the truth can you change the outcome of a situation. Hiding it from public light only hurts America. It has made us look weak and a laughing stock to our enemies.

This is a very well writen book. It is consise and easy to read and understand and states its arguments in a very valid way. I recommend Every American read this so we may still have time to act and stop the insanity that we are living in. This administration will not acknowledge anything negative at all about radical Islam. It trys to tell us it is a religion of peace. Which if you actually read about this religion it plainly tells you that it is not. When countrys are telling you that they want you dead and are going to do anything possible to accomplish that, shouldn't we listen? Why do we not take them at their word?What kind of arrogance is it on Obama's part to think he knows what they mean more then those who are telling it to us. Lets finally call evil evil and not just misunderstood or interpreted wrong. Listen to those who wants us dead. They mean it.

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