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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Untamed:how the Wild side of Jesus frees us to live and love with Abandon by Lisa Harper

I really enjoyed this book. Ms. Harper opens your eyes to the fact we keep Jesus in to small of a box. When in fact he is Huge and all encompassing in our lives if we let him be there for us. The book is a interesting blend of personal stories and Bible lessons which you look up after each chapter to answer questions which makes you think even more deeply about what you have read. The whole theory really is God is our Savior he is not a small bit of our life but he is HUGE. He is vicious at times against evil. He is not always a kind man playing with the lambs, But he has a two edge sword which swiftly can kill evil.
He is our protector, our rock, our comfort in times of needs. She points out that Jesus was there for the sinner he was not living in fine dwellings hobnobing with Kings and Pharissees He was with the common man helping and healing them to spread his ministry. That he is the Savior of all men and women.
In todays world we keep Jesus tucked into a little room and only bring him out when we are in trouble. We do not let him take over our lives and live for him. He is our Get out of jail free card to be used as a last resort. That is not how it should be though.
This is a living God,a powerful being who created the world and bothers to love each of us.
Ms. Harper presents this in a powerful personal way in this book. I know i will probably reread this book a few times to get even more out of it. While i looked up each bible reference i did not write down my answers, next time through I will. The big picture here is that Our Savior is magnificent and all encompassing if we just give ourselves to him.
I do recommend this book.
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